About Us


Peak Security Plus Inc was formed on the 19th of December 1994 to usher in a new and improved level of excellence, which will bring respect to the all-important service of security provision, while being client and employee friendly and above all guaranteeing client satisfaction. Our goal is to protect lives and properties using the most courteous and professional means possible within the limit of the local law. We have over 23 years of experience in providing Security guards services, fire watch, fire directors and fire life safety directors to both private and public sectors.

Peak Security Plus Inc, is a New York Certified Watch Guard & Patrol Agency, which is approved by the School Construction Authority (SCA), Port Authority of New York and New jersey, Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), NYCDEP, NYCDDC, NYCHA, DHS and DASNY. We are a New York State certified Minority Owned and Operated Firm that is locally based.

To us, Security is the foundation of all things. The motto of our organization “Taking Security Beyond Excellence” Emphasizes our pace setting role in the provision of quality security services to all our clients at very competitive prices.

We are also one of the fully licensed security companies, authorized by the New York State Department of criminal justice to provide complete security guard certification training programs. That is the mandatory Eight-Hours Licensing Training, sixteen hours On-the-job training, and the annual In-Service training, using the state approved manuals and our wealth of experience. Consequently, all our guards are New York State certified, and possess a minimum of a high School Diploma or its equivalent with good communication skills.

Peak Security Fire watch and security guard personnel are well trained and experience in providing fire watch services. We can deploy our security guard and fire guards with minimum notice and our respond time have been excellent.  We are number 1 when it comes to fire watch. We did fire watch services for the NYC Department of Education (Division of School Facilities for 3 years. (2013-2016) with full compliance to the Law, Policies and 100 % Satisfaction. 

WE provide an array of fire guards/watch services which include, but not limited to fire guards’ services at construction sites (s-60), fire impediment services(F-01), fire watch for assemblies/event (F-03, Shelter (F-02), and hot watch (S92).

Our high-quality service is no doubt a product of our continuous training, dedication and hard work, hence we are parade some of the finest guards in the industry. We pay the approved Minimum Wage always, prevailing wage and the supplemental benefit when required while still offering reasonable competitive prices to our clients.

Our wealth of experience includes, but not limited to the following areas:

  1. Access Control, operation and enforcement of system personnel identification and package inspection

  2. Roving Patrol Posts, conduction of patrol in accordance with established routes and schedules. Patrolling to provide high visibility deterrent and ensure the safety of persons and property.

  3. Security and Fire Alarm System, Monitoring Operation of fire alarm and intrusion detection systems, and other protective and safety equipment.

  4. We always ensure that all our employees serving as fireguards possess the current Certificate of Fitness (F-01, F-03 and S-60 Issued by FDNY), Valid Security Guard License issued by NYS and, must be OSHA certified.

  5. Implementation of clients as rules governing visitors, break period, unauthorized access and control and ensuring compliance with related posted rules and regulations.

  6. Lost and Found Properties, receiving and storing found articles pending disposition, using appropriate form in accordance with our company/client policy.

  7. Law and Order. Maintenance of law and order within the areas of assignment.

  8. Hazardous Condition: Daily reporting System in accordance with procedures in the Standard Operating Procedure potentially hazardous especially in areas where construction is in progress such as environmental, physical, etc. And conditions and items in need of repair, including inoperative lights leaky faucets, toilet stoppages, broken or slippery floor surfaces etc.

  9. Additional Duties: Access control over lighting system, vaulting systems, lock-type repositories and cabinet. Ensuring the security of open windows, secure doors and gates etc.

  10. Report and record preparation of required reports are deemed necessary and applicable to diverse projects and at an indicated frequency. Maintenance of necessary records.

  11. Civil Disturbance. Performance of such functions as may be necessary, in the event of a situation or occurrence such as civil disturbances attempts to commit espionage, sabotage, or other criminal acts adversely affecting the security and/or safety of the government, its employees, property and the public.

  12. Emergencies: Notification to the relevant department as appropriate of the action taken.

  13. Observes for evidence of criminal activities, security and safety violations so appropriate corrective action taken in compliance with established security procedure.

  14. Conduction of preliminary investigations to help gather evidence, identification and conducting interviews for witnesses, protection of crime scene from any disturbances, determination of the need for outside assistance and writing reports utilizing knowledge of established security procedure.

  15. Performance of crowd control to ensure safety of all persons and property, utilizing crowd control techniques.

  16. Stopping and questioning of persons leaving the school building carrying boxes, packages, equipment, devices and/ or paper or other temporary or disposable containers when reasonable suspicion exists, to prevent unauthorized removal of client’s property, utilizing established security procedure.

  17. Responding to fire alarms, assist in evacuating persons from danger and fights fire until fire department arrives to protect persons and property, established security procedures.

  18. Communication with our control station, that of the clients and other officers, utilizing phones or two-way radio to report and summon assistance.

  19. Performance of emergency first aid as necessary to save lives, utilizing basic first aid tools and CPR.

  20. Reporting and documenting employee misconduct to the right department in order that employee’s supervisor may take corrective action if warranted, utilizing established security procedure.

  21. During the absence of maintenance personnel, we conduct a rescue operation for people from stalled elevators to protect their safety, utilizing knowledge of general elevator operation and basic elevator tools.

  22. Seeking of voluntary compliance by visitors, employee and patients with established security procedure using interpersonal skills

  23. Classifying Criminal and civil violation that may occur on clients controlled property and distinguishes between the two, utilizing basic policy skills.

  24. Unlocking of outside doors upon opening and locking of outside doors upon closing, if required.

  25. CCTV video recording system with wide range of image capture devices at least 25.

  26. Administration of a fire alarm system with computerized monitoring and operation covering thousands of input nodes and output nodes.